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West Palm Beach real estate is some of the most sought after real estate in South Florida. Sandy beaches, country clubs, warm weather, and shopping are the main elements that attract buyers both locally and abroad. During the real estate boom, West Palm Beach real estate agents could not maintain an inventory of West Palm Beach real estate listings causing a buying frenzy and an increase in home prices at a neck breaking pace. Although the sizzle of the real estate market has cooled substantially, the reasons people buy West Palm Beach real estate still exist, but at a more realistic price. With such price fluctuation over the years, most home buyers are having a difficult time establishing a price point to purchase West Palm Beach real estate for sale. There are many online resources to assist buyers in establishing a buying strategy; however at the end of the day, a buyer’s agent is the best advocate and resource for a home buyer.

Generally a client meets with a Market Advantage Realty representative for an initial consultation. During the consultation we will identify the buyer’s criteria for purchasing West Palm Beach real estate including amenities, financing, time frame, potential obstacles, and exit strategies. If the client is financing any part of the purchase, then the financing process will also be initiated at this time to obtain bank approval or pre-approval of financing. Simultaneously, we will be identifying West Palm Beach real estate homes for sale that match most if not all of the buyer’s prerequisites. The client will then prioritize the West Palm Beach real estate listings. As we zero in on the buyer’s top picks, we then apply market data and proven negotiating techniques to develop a negotiating strategy to purchase the property customized for the West Palm Beach real estate buyer. Once the negotiations to purchase a West Palm Beach home for sale, Market Advantage Realty will assist you through the process step by step until you have the keys in your hand. Market Advantage Realty has the only West Palm Beach real estate agents working for the buyer.